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Why The S.E. Cupp Case is Important to Feminism

If you haven’t read about what happened, the story can be found here.  

Feminism, at it’s core, is about the advancement of women. In order to achieve true equality, patriarchy has to be overturned and sexism needs to come to an end. Nearly all feminists agree with that sentiment, it’s the details that we disagree on. 

As frustrating as it can be when feminists disagree with each other, it’s almost more frustrating when women disagree with feminists. We spend our lives working for the advancement of women, and it feels like a slap in the face when women don’t stand beside us. We become rightfully angry and hostile towards these women. They are holding us back, on purpose, they are hurting all of us. 

Our anger sometimes makes us forget that as much as we hate these women, as much as we wish they wouldn’t work against us, that they are still women, and we are still working towards the advancement of all women. Conservative women are women too, and as much as we hate what they stand for, as harmful as they are too us, they still fall under the banner of feminism. 

When the media is blatantly sexist or misogynistic to a conservative woman it can be tempting to let it go. It can be tempting to think that maybe that’s what they “deserve” for helping uphold and perpetuate patriarchy. We must remember what we stand for and who we are. We are women who fight for women. We don’t want conservative women to experience sexism or misogyny anymore than we want liberal women to experience it. We are not free until all women are. 

I’m proud that many of the feminists and feminism groups I look up to have stood by S.E. Cupp and denounced Hustler (Shelby Knox, Women’s Media Center, Gloria Steinem). I know these women don’t agree with anything Cupp has to say, and in any other context they would denounce her without a second glance. Yet, in this case it’s different. In this case Cupp was a victim simply because she’s a women, and as feminists we realize that’s wrong. I’m proud because in other cases, we haven’t had such a strong show of support for conservative women. 

I know it can be hard sometimes to feel bad or sympathize with a woman who has turned her back on other women. I’m not asking that you support her, only that you recognize why sticking up for conservative is sometimes a feminist task. 

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