I was a Teenage Feminist

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    Truth. But every time a man loses interest when I ask him on a date… I have dodged an absolute SHITSTORM of bullets....
  2. gothicfeverdream said: nah you’re fine. if they can’t hang fuckkit. im not gunna wait for a guy to initiate stuff with me, id rather do it myself. closed mouths don’t get fed
  3. lilyloops said: Maybe you could gain the perspectives of your friends and see whether your behavior/attitude could also come off as too strong even if you were a male
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    Can I get a hell yeah?
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  6. coffeecakeicecream said: Both sexes can come off as too strong, so it might not have to do with your gender at all but your actual approach. Don’t politicize every issue- it can become counterproductive.
  7. karapassey said: oh yes. this.
  8. christineglenna said: Don’t feel too bad. I had that same problem in high school, but after, I found a lot of men that appreciate that quality in a woman. I think a lot of men these days get tired of those silly games.
  9. spookyladylazarus said: I have the same problem. The guys who say that to me generally just aren’t comfortable enough to accept that masculinity or self-worth doesn’t come from whatever “power” they have in making the first move.
  10. skaisnotdead said: Same boat
  11. drossirdigs said: In Sweden, apparently the women are usually the ones to initiate things ; D
  12. underdome-riot said: God, if I had a dollar every time someone said this to me, I’d be rich.
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    word, I’ve had that problem too.
  14. satanictrash said: I literally had a man refuse to go out with me because “I don’t wanna go out with a girl that acts like a dude. You can’t be callin’ me, and asking me out like that, girl. That’s just not how it goes.”He was into me until I decided to take initiative
  15. selfhatingsupervillain said: You probably get this a lot, but fuck gender norms. I’m sorry your assertive approach to sexual and romantic interaction is marginalized in a society which socializes female docility.
  16. lastellamaris said: Exactly!
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