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Phone Banking Against the Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Today my friend Libby (who is also the president of Vox) drove myself and my friend Rachel down to the Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s main office so that we could phone bank against the Mississippi Personhood Amendment. 

It went a lot better than I thought it would. I did get many people who were voting yes on it, but I got a lot of no’s too. Most people claimed that they were “pro-life” but once they heard about it outlawing hormonal birth control wanted nothing to do with it, or started to rethink their position. 

Our biggest selling point was definitely that it would make birth control and invitro fertilization illegal. People are against abortion, but not birth control, which makes sense. 

Since we were targeting land-lines during the day we got mostly elderly people, but that didn’t end up being as bad as I thought it would be.

I only got one woman who ranted at me about being a “baby-killer” (and I hung up on her, hehe).

Overall it was a good day, and I feel a little bit better about myself for volunteering. I hope this thing goes down in flames, it’s ridiculous that it’s even on the ballot in the first place.  

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