I was a Teenage Feminist

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Is this real life? 

Privilege denying asexual is not a thing.

If someone is asexual, they do not have privilege. Why the fuck would you make a whole meme around a sexual minority? That in itself is privilege denying. 

There is a thing as sexual privilege and people who are asexual don’t have it. 

Seriously, wow. 

I am dis-a-pointed in you privilage denying dude for reblogging them. DISSAPOINTED

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    Wait, hang on, now we’re arguing that society does only care if you’re having sex? …I thought the only thing that...
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    I have no idea how any of you are managing to argue with this person, considering I can barely read their tumblr....
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    Well let’s be honest here, a lot of us asexuals do have privilege. BOATLOADS OF IT! Sure we are definitely a sexuality...
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